The Jets Game (Round 1)

And ya’ll thought I was going to forget this week.  I like doing the Pats review after all other teams have played because it gives the football week a little bit of closure.

A lot of Pats Nation might be concerned after a close 27-25 win over a one win Jets team and, frankly, I’m also a little worried.  Look, the Pats had two (really one) days of practice to figure out how the heck they were going to replace Jerod Mayo on defense.  Did they? No, not really since Chris Ivory ran all over the field.  More so than finding a guy to fill Mayo’s shoes, the Pats now have a scheme problem.  They can’t stop the run with only 3 down lineman anymore.  Plain and simple.  Without Mayo in at middle linebacker, it just won’t work.  Vince, I know you’re pissed about that, but I’m sorry.


That being said, this Pats-Jets game was another classic “rivalry” game where you just can’t turn the TV off.  I’ll never understand it.  Five minutes into the game I’m reading “Oh man here comes another 45-3 rout” tweets from both Pats fans and Jets fans, but then all of a sudden the tables turn and the Pats can’t put the game away.  What’s up with that, Tom?

Also, I’m kind of disappointed that Chris Jones blocked that kick and the ref “moved” Hightower out of his illegal position.  Now I don’t really have a response to the SpyGate argument anymore from Jets fans.  This used to be it:

Next week I think the Pats are going to find themselves in a little bit of trouble.  The Bears are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Dolphins after which Brandon Marshall apparently lost it in the locker room.  You know they’ll come out with a fire.  It’s not a popular pick, but I’m actually taking the Bears next week over the Patriots.



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