Royals vs. Giants World Series Preview

How disappointed is America going to be if the Royals don’t win the World Series?  This has to be the most lopsided David vs. Goliath match-up I’ve ever seen.  Maybe aside from the Patriots vs. Giants in the 2007-08 Super Bowl but that is unspeakable.

I like the Giants.  I really do.  I like what former Red Sox 4th starter Jake Peavy has done for them.  I like Buster Posey.  I think Bruce Bochy is one of the best managers in baseball.  BUT, how can you not like the Royals.  How can you say no to something like this on the baseball field:


I mean seriously.  Watch that GIF a couple times in a row.  Great story lines all over this team and thats what baseball is really all about.  Story lines.  That’s why there are so many books written about baseball.  Imagine how many books will be written about these Royals if they can pull off the World Series?  I mean Paul Rudd might retire from acting to become an author.

In all seriousness though, unlike the Angels or the Orioles, the Giants will give the Royals a series.  I actually believe this is going to go to seven games with the Royals taking the seventh game at Kauffman Stadium.  The Royals as World Series Champs.  What a bizarro world that would be.  George Brett might even run for president and win.




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