The Cincy Game

“Patriots over Bengals next week.  I’m thinking pretty big too.  31-17 Patriots.  Let’s kickstart another Super Bowl run starting next Sunday night.”

That was the last line in my post after the horrendous Chiefs game two weeks ago.  You can tell when teams have it and when teams don’t and it goes FAR beyond statistics and wins. It’s all about the way teams carry themselves.  Something about the way the Patriots ended the Kansas City game told me that a come back was in place.  You can tell by the way teams act, the way coaches respond, and the way players take losses.  There was pure disappointment in Kansas City.

ChiefsPats al 092914 4510f

Last night everyone showed up for the Patriots.  Brady broke records.  Tim Wright finally got the touches I thought he was gonna get from the start of the season.  Aside from a drop in the end zone, Brandon LaFell played well.  The O-line stepped up and was ripping holes in the strong Cincy D-line and letting Vereen and Ridley run all over the field.


Now, we just need to see if the Pats can keep it up.  The Bills are terrible even with their win in Detroit.  I expect the Patriots to beat the Bills, but I’m not expecting a blow out.  21-17 Patriots.  THIS IS A TRAP GAME.



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