Top 5 Games of the ’14 Red Sox Season

Now this is not the Top 5 games of the Red Sox season as a whole, but instead the Top 5 games that I attended this year.  So yeah, it’s biased.  Last year I did a full year of the games I attended, but I ended up at like 16 or 17 games (not in any way meant to be a hardo brag) this season and obviously no one wants to read a blog post that long.

#5     April 9th vs. Texas Rangers


It’s an obligation for me to put this game on the list.  Your first  trip to Fenway each season is a special moment.  It’s the official end of winter in my mind.  The whole summer ahead of you, hockey and basketball playoffs coming up, the end of school.  What’s not to love.

I left this game in the eighth inning because I needed to attend some pointless meeting back at BU and what happens? Big Papi hits a three-run go ahead home run in the bottom of the inning.  Great I miss like the one cool event at Fenway all season.  I would say: “That’ll be the last time I leave Fenway early!” but then I’d just be a big lying hypocrite.

#4     June 17th vs. Minnesota Twins


Although I didn’t know it at the time, this would be the last time I saw Jon Lester pitch as a member of the Red Sox (at least for the time being).  Being at Lester’s no-hitter with my dad back on May 19th, 2008 (yes, I still remember the date and no, that did not require a Google search) still ranks as my favorite Red Sox memory ever.

As for this game against the Twins, me and a couple buddies bought those $9 student tickets and spent the game in the standing room behind first base.  Met a handicapped season-ticket holder who we ended up talking to for the entire game.  Lady was from the town next to me and missed only one Red Sox game in the past twenty years.  Said she met Mariano Rivera and the whole nine-yards.  It was a weird night.  Fun, but weird.

#3     May 1st vs. Tampa Bay Rays


So Dustin Pedroia bobble head night was scheduled for the night before, but was moved to the next day because of rain or snow or hail, I don’t know.  I can’t remember.  Nonetheless, because it was a Tuesday afternoon, no one, and I mean no one, showed up.  You can see in that picture how many empty seats there were and that was in like the fourth or fifth inning.  There were honestly about seven people in the bleachers.

Things that were great about this game: free Pedey bobble head, kicking with David DeJesus and Ben Zobrist before the game, and sitting three rows from the field for the price of a $10 ticket.

I’m almost disappointed with myself for not putting this at number 1.

#2     May 9th at Texas Rangers

This game DEFINES this year’s Red Sox.  I went down to Dallas with my cousin and aunt for a couple Sox games against the Rangers.  First night’s game, we get there early for batting practice, I yell at Craig Breslow for a bit, and we take in the environment at Rangers Stadium a.k.a GlobeLife Ballpark a.k.a The Ballpark at Arlington.  Then the game starts and the Sox get mowed down by Yu Darvish.  Darvish carries a no-hitter right into the 9th and only one out shy of completing the game Big Papi shoots one up the middle to break up Darvish’s no hit bid.  I was PISSED.  Papi is all cheering and thanking the crowd and I’m up in the triple deck with my head down just staring at the remains of the turkey leg that I thought would be a good idea.  Like Papi you don’t always have to be good.  Would it kill you to be OK with sucking for just one time? (It felt weird writing that last sentence, but I’m leaving it there anyway)

I don’t know the games off the top of my head, but I feel like the Sox were a couple outs away from being no-hit like three or four times this year.

Even so, the trip was a blast and AT&T Stadium was by far the coolest sports venue I’ve ever been to.

#1     May 28th vs. Atlanta Braves

I can’t remember a stinkin’ thing from the game itself, but this night was all about the pre game ceremony and the Sox  honoring the 10 Year Anniversary of the 2004 team winning the first World Series and breaking the 86-year curse.  Almost the entire ’04 team was there, including Pedro, Manny, Damon, Millar, and Keith Foulke.

Bought tickets to the game for my parents and it was just a great night.  I think my dad might have even shed a tear during the video montage they showed.  Looking forward to 2023 when they have the 2013 World Series reunion.

Welp, until next April.  Go Sox.


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