The Chiefs Game (Yikes)

Well, here’s the thing.  Kansas City has a terrible sports history. AWFUL.  Although, I sincerely hope the Royals can get a win tomorrow and go far into these MLB playoffs.  Steve Levy just said, and I quote, “Kansas City is the sports Mecca of the universe right now.”  WOAH.  But that’s neither here nor there.

Worst game in awhile for the Patriots.  Nights like these make those early Patriots Super Bowls seem so far away.  Brady tosses a gross interception late in the game.  Jamaal Charles ran all over the defense.  Tamba Hali sacked Tom Brady, forced a fumble, and then recovered said fumble.  Gronk got a touchdown and was so sad he couldn’t spike the ball that he just tossed it aside. Yada, yada, yada.  Nothing to like here really except for the Miller Lite I can now legally drink during the game.

Here’s the thing about these Pats though.  Late in the game ESPN showed a graphic noting that the only times in the past 20 years that the Pats lost games by 27+ points were in 1995 and 2003.

1995 Patriots: 


2003 Patriots:


So that’s what it comes down to.  Are the Patriots going to take this loss and be like Drew Bledsoe and the jamokes in 1995 or Tom Brady and the glistening champions of 2003?

Patriots over Bengals next week.  I’m thinking pretty big too.  31-17 Patriots.  Let’s kickstart another Super Bowl run starting next Sunday night.


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