Halftime Pizza

I found myself down by the Garden on Monday afternoon because of a school project I had to do at the Suffolk County Courthouse (which is gorgeous building, by the way, and it kind of makes me want to become a lawyer).  Nonetheless, I was starving and to grab a snack.  The Subway on Portland Street wasn’t going to cut it so, naturally, I walked over to the beautiful Halftime Pizza on Causeway Street.

On this blog, I’ve made cases for Regina’s and UpperCrust as the best pizza places in Boston, but I think Halftime pizza trumps them both if we are going off overall experience.  First of all, the place looks the same as it did when Larry Bird was playing for the Celts in the 80’s.  Hell it probably hasn’t changed since Russell’s days on the Celtics.


A slice of cheese runs you like three bucks, but I went with the buffalo chicken pizza.  Only twenty cents more for the buffalo chicken which is highway robbery.  If we are going off Davey Portnoy’s pizza scale I’d probably give it a 7.1, but Halftime Pizza is more than just the sauce and cheese.  The decor of the place is unbelievable.  I can’t say it enough.  You feel like you’re just grabbing a bite to eat before going to see Larry Bird drop 60 on Dominique Wilkins and the Atlanta Hawks across the street.  What a great feeling.


Truth is I just don’t get there enough.



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