The Raider Game

Let’s not kid ourselves.  Forty seconds of that Broncos-Seahawks game was better than the entire Pats game.  The first half of the Pats game was honestly over in an hour.  The game flew by and there was little to no excitement.  I actually tweeted this after the game because I was just looking for a little jolt:

But instead Vincey baby got a gift interception and that was that.  Chandler Jones early candidate for defensive MVP?  I digress.  Next two weeks against a decent but overrated Chiefs team and a 3-0 Cincy will be the measuring stick for this Pats team.

Also, I’m 0-3 on predictions this year for the Pats:

Week 1: “Oh yeah, the Pats are absolutely going to demolish the Fish.  Tom Brady will even put up record numbers”

Week 2: “Wow, looks like the Pats aren’t that good this year.  I’d be shocked if an underrated Minnesota team loses to this Pats team.” (Before Adrian Peterson fiasco)

Week 3: “Raiders suck! Patriots are going to run the score in the 50’s against the silver and black.”


So let’s see if I can get this one right.  Patriots over the Chiefs 24-16.



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