Do You Know What It’s Like to Meet Your Idol?

I luckily had this once-in-a-life-time feeling on Thursday evening.  For all you wannabe footballers its like meeting Tom Brady (which I wouldn’t hate by the way); for all you wannabe baseballers it’s like meeting David Ortiz;  for all you wannabe softballers, its like meeting Jenny Finch (I think?), for all you wannabe business moguls its like meeting Warren Buffet or Bernie Madoff or whatever Christ-figure ya’ll worship.

As a wannabe sportswriter, I still can’t believe I actually got the chance to meet Bill Simmons.  The man that inspired this blog.  The man that inspired me to enroll in Boston University’s College of Communication.  The man that inspired me to take the journalism minor just in case.  Ultimately, the man who inspired me to keep writing.  And, the weirdest part, is that this conversation between me and Bill (yeah, we go by first names) all started at a bar.

I’m in line at the bar at BU’s COM Distinguished Alumni Event and all of a sudden I hear a voice behind me.  It is a quote I’ll never forget: “OH, we got quite the bar spread  here tonight.”

And I turn around to see that Simmons has uttered such an awesome quote.  What do I even say to that?  My idol, Bill Simmons, just opened a conversation with me as if I were just another dude at a local bar.  I LOVE IT.

We start talking about the NFL, how much the Tampa Bay Bucs suck (playing later that Thursday night mind you), how Josh McCown “is not that good at football”, and how difficult his Friday columns are to write.

That was it.  Thirty seconds at most.

He went on to win his award and give a brief speech where he said: “There really is no advice.  Just work hard.”


At the end of the event we quickly shook hands, exchanged pleasantries, and then went about our ways.  Me back to being a poor college student and him back to being the richest sports journalist in the world.


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