The Minnesota Game

I caught the first few minutes of the Pats game against Minnesota and I literally gave-up on the season after that Matt Asiata touchdown.  It was disgusting.  It was probably the most fair weather fan move I’ve ever made in my entire life.  Maybe second to leaving Pedro Bobblehead Night last Tuesday in the sixth inning.

And then the currents changed and the game turned into a classic Patriots game.  DEFENSE AND SPECIAL TEAMS.  That’s what made the early 2000’s Pats the teams they were.  None of that 32nd ranked defense and making it to the Super Bowl crap back in 2011-12.  There’s a reason I picked the Patriots D/ST for my fantasy squad.


Big plays from Revis and my man Chandler Jones were the defining points of that game.  Also, Adrian Peterson dealing with his indictment clearly helped the Patriots out.  I expect the same next week against Derek Carr and the Raiders.  I’m taking the Pats over Da Rahhdahs 48-10.


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