Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, and the NFL


What, and I mean it in all seriousness, the hell is the NFL doing?  And I don’t mean it in an “are you kidding me?” tone because I really don’t think the NFL even knows how to handle this Ray Rice fiasco.

Yesterday I sent the following tweet and it summarizes exactly how I feel about the NFL right now:

There are questions on top of questions on top of questions regarding Ray Rice and the events that happened in that Atlantic City elevator, but I’m in no place to answer them or even express my opinion about the event.  Simply put, what happened was unbearable and inexcusable.

But here’s my question to add to the millions out there.   How does the NFL, a multi-billion dollar organization that has essentially become the dominant religion in American society, not have a protocol for a situation like this?  The most violent sport in the country (sorry rugby friends) does not have a task force or a department dedicated to handling domestic violence cases appropriately?

Flying by the seat of their pants, the NFL is one step behind in this whole situation and that needs to change.  If I’m going to spend my Sundays, Monday nights, and Thursday nights watching these games I expect the NFL to get their information from sources other than TMZ.  Be more resourceful.  We know you have the money.

I don’t agree with Keith Olbermann or anyone else that calls for Roger Goodell’s resignation.  Instead I’m looking to Goodell and the NFL to reassess their investigative efforts and make the appropriate decision in a year, 18 months, two years, or whenever the time comes to determine Ray Rice’s future in the National Football League.



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