NFC Predictions

It’s like clockwork.  Every Friday at 3pm one of the personal trainers at the gym I work at comes in and we have a solid thirty minutes of NFL conversation.  For some reason, probably because the guy likes to tear down Patriots fans, the conversation always ends up with him pointing to every single reason why the NFC is light years better than the AFC.  Everything from Pete Carroll to Tony Romo makes the NFC better in his eyes and I have no choice to agree with him because this arguments always become so ridiculous.

Sports conversations man.  Such a love-hate relationship.  You looking to waste time, get frustrated and make no progress with your life? Go have an argument with someone about sports.  Felger and Steven A. Smith made careers out of it.  Whatever.  I digress, here are the NFC picks.

NFC East


No idea who said this, but it really is messed up that the New York Giants have played two, maybe three, good months of football in the last ten years and it has cost Patriots fans a Super Bowl both times.  Unbelievable.  Could this be another one of those years?

Not a chance.  Giants can’t make noise, there’s no D in the Big D, and the D.C. Skins are just falling victim to the wave of ultra-sensitivity that is sweeping the nation.  So that leaves Nick Foles and the Eagles taking the division for the second year in a row.

NFC North

How about Adrian Peterson having a conversation with Jerry Football about hopefully playing in Dallas in the near future.  You think AP has given up on the Vikings yet? As bad as the Sox are, it must really suck being a Minnesota sports fan right now.

I’m excited to see the Patriots play Detroit this season because I think this is the year Detroit finally takes the next step and moves not only to the playoffs, but wait for it, yes the Super Bowl.  Suh just needs to keep his head straight and not snap anyones neck.  And imagine Calvin Johnson burning the Sherminator for a couple TD’s in the NFC Championship game?  Juicy stuff.  Look for Detroit to make some big time plays this year and officially put the 0-16 season behind them.

NFC West

I can’t believe the NFC West is by far the best division in football.  Even the Arizona Cardinals are great.  Tough to pick a winner because its obvious that both the Seahawks and the 49ers will make the playoffs and will have unbelievably good records.  I’d love to see Michael Crabtree put Richard Sherman in his place so I’m pulling for the 49ers.

Also, the Rams have to be the most screwed team in football after that Bradford injury.  I can’t imagine they win more than one game this year.  They even decided to cut Michael Sam because they want to be as irrelevant as possible.#GetJameisToStLouis

NFC South

Someone remind me, are the Bucs carrying a quarterback on their roster this year? I think on Friday’s final pre-season cuts they might have accidentally cut all of their quarterbacks.  So they’re out.

I haven’t watched the Falcons Hard Knocks because my family is too cheap to buy HBO, but I’m hearing nothing but bad things about it.  Hard to believe they lost as many games as they did last year, but I think this might be the fall of Matty Ryan.  Dirty Birds are out.

Carolina is decent but for some reason I keep picturing Cam Newton as one of those guys who never wins a Super Bowl. But I can’t take the Saints because no team wins the NFC South two years in a row, so I guess I’ll reluctantly take the Panthers.



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