A Trading Deadline for the Ages

The 4pm MLB trading deadline has passed and the Red Sox went full-on video game mode and just blew up the whole team.  The Sox went out and traded pitching for hitting until they had no more pitching left to trade.

Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to the Oakland A’s for Yoenis Cespedes


By far the highlight trade of the day.  This is one of those blockbuster trades that goes down in history and is on SportsCenter Top 10 Countdowns for years to come.  The Sox rent their ace out to the A’s in return for HR Derby champ and Cuban ambassador Yoenis Cespedes.

Everyone and their mother knows the A’s don’t have the money to pay Lester at the end of the year, so you know the Red Sox will be in the free agent hunt come November, but whether Lester decides to sign back remains to be seen.  Unless the A’s win the World Series I feel like Lester will end up pitching for the Sox next season.

Cespedes is exactly what the Sox need right now.  More power and a buddy for Big Papi. The Cuban native is going to have a field day with the Boston media.  I’m also puting my money on Cespedes putting one over the Mass Pike and maybe even into a window at SMG.

Really bummed that Gomes is gone though.  In one swift day it feels like the 2013 championship was five years ago.  Gomes was the perfect leader.  Quiet and led with hard work and attitude.  There’s something really admirable about that.

John Lackey to the Cardinals for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig


I’m on my way home from visiting my 90-year-old grandmother for the afternoon when I get stuck in traffic on I-95.  I toss on Felger and Mazz because I can’t stand listening to Iggy Azalea on the radio anymore and what do I hear?  The Red Sox now trade their no. 2 starter to the World Series losing St. Louis Cardinals.  Now I’m a little confused.

From what I hear Craig is a decent bat that’ll probably end up in the five-spot and Joe Kelly and his glasses will add much needed pitching to the Sox rotation, but was it worth it?  We’ll find out.

Andrew Miller to the Baltimore Orioles for Eduardo Rodriguez

I expected a lot more trades like this one.  Big-leaguers in their primes for no-name young guys that might make the 40-man roster in the coming years.  Surprisingly this was the only one.

Stephen Drew to the Yankees for Kelly Johnson


YES! This trade is so laughably awesome.  Scott Boras dupes the Yankees once again!  Congrats Yankees fans, you guys get Stephen Drew as Jeter’s replacement.  Hopefully they resign him after this year.

Jake Peavy to the Giants and Felix Doubront to the Cubs

Kind of expected that these two guys were going to be out of Boston.  Felix had a tough end here in Boston with all his complaining and that debacle of an outing this past week against the Blue Jays.

Kind of disappointed to see Peavy go though.  His trade and the Lester and Gomes trade really epitomize the new philosophy of the Boston front office.  The World Series win in 2013 was great, but we’re not squeezing every last drop of money, PR, and excitement out of that.  It’s time to move forward again.

Reminds me a little bit of August-December in 2012.  The Red Sox move big-name guys in their prime forward and pick-up guys like Gomes, Victorino, Koji, etc.  This is the next round of that process.

The Sox will get young guys tons of major league experience for the rest of this season and come next April the Sox are back in the hunt.



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