Red Sox Trading Deadline History


I still remember the day that Nomar got traded.  It was the summer before fifth grade and we were at the beach enjoying the sunny Saturday afternoon.  One of my friend’s dads had his beach radio tuned to WEEI listening to updates as the beach day neared to a close (this was a time before iPhone apps and Twitter gave you second-by-second updates).  Then the news broke.  Although it led to a championship later that year, the Nomar trade forever tainted the trading deadline for me.

With a pair of tickets for Tuesday’s game against the Blue Jays I have already convinced myself it’ll be the last time I see Mike Carp, Andrew Miller, and possibly Jon Lester in Red Sox uniforms.

Before the fateful July 31st deadline approaches, here is a quick look back at the five biggest trading deadline moves (good and bad) in recent Sox history:

5. Sox Trade Manny and get Jason Bay (2008)


I liked this trade a lot.  I was done with Manny Being Manny.  Only a year or two earlier I was at a Sox game on the trading deadline when everyone thought Manny was getting traded.  The trade never happened and Manny ended up getting the game-winning hit.  It’s obvious that Manny’s career quickly went downhill after the trade to the Dodgers.

Jay Bay was a great pick-up for the Sox and played well until he got traded to the Mets and absolutely blew up.  He definitely played a better left field than Manny.

4. Sox Get Jared Saltalamacchia (2010)

The Sox gave up barely anything for the catcher that would eventually lead them to a World Series in 2013.  Epstein was trying to get Salty to the Sox for years and for good reason.  You really didn’t understand how crucial he was until the beginning of this year when we had Pierzynski behind the dish.  Yikes.  Still haven’t found a good replacement for Salty.

3. Freddy Sanchez for Jeff Suppan (2003)

Kind of an outdated trade now, but Freddy Sanchez quickly became the only guy of importance on a string of terrible Pirates teams.  I don’t remember Jeff Suppan ever doing anything significant for the Sox except losing games in the 2004 World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals


2. Sox dump Julio Lugo and get Victor Martinez (2009)

It was a huge sigh of relief for Red Sox fans.  Julio Lugo was finally off the roster.  V-Mart is one of those guys who played really well for the Sox, but gets lost in those awkward years after the second World Series.

Julio Lugo, Alex Gordon

1. Red Sox Legends Jason Varitek and Derek Lowe Come to Boston (1997)

With the Red Sox struggling to keep up with the powerful late-1990’s Yankees, former Sox GM Dan Duquette traded for Lowe and Varitek.  In return he sent Heathcliff Slocumb to the Seattle Mariners.  What a lopsided trade that turned out to be.  So maybe the trading deadline isn’t all that bad.


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