’04 Champs Reunion at Fenway

I’d purchased the tickets back on February 11th as a birthday gift for my father.  For months I assumed it would be an average interleague game between the Atlanta Braves and the Red Sox, but that all changed.

A month later when I was at the controversial Dustin Pedroia bobble head game I was informed that the May 28th game that I held three tickets to would be the 10 year reunion of the 2004 World Series Sox team.  I had to call my dad immediately.

The day soon came and the whole thing felt like a dream.  The ceremony kicked off with a 5-minute video montage of highlights from the regular season and the first-round of the playoffs.  Then each player was introduced with their contribution during ALCS comeback and World Series.  Almost the entire team returned and each had a short video highlight before their entrance.  Here is Kevin Millar’s from our grandstand seats in left field:

It was even nice seeing smaller time guys like Gabe Kapler, Alan Embree, and Cesar Crespo return to Fenway.  That team truly was a family and at the forefront was the lovable but irritable leftfielder.  I have never seen a more polarizing Boston athlete than Manny Ramirez.  Of course he received cheers and gave a little speech after he threw out the first pitch, but I still remain indifferent.  On a different note, it was hilarious seeing his first pitch cutoff by Johnny Damon (2nd place for most polarizing member of the ’04 team).

The Sox ended up defeating the Braves 4-0 and John Lackey pitched wonderfully, but who really cares?  Where do I buy my tickets to the 2013 Champs reunion?


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