Dallas/Fort Worth: Day 3

The final day of the Texas trip was spent in the somewhat beautiful City of Dallas.  For any future travelers this is a forewarning: There is not really much to see in Dallas.  Frankly, if JFK hadn’t been shot in Dallas I don’t know what we would have done in the city.

The Sixth Floor Museum and JFK Assassination Cite

They have built a museum on the sixth floor of the old Texas Book Depository building.  In 1963, filled with countless boxes of textbooks, a lone man by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald perched himself in the window at the far corner of the sixth floor.  He had a rifle and at 12:30 he fired three shots that killed President Kennedy.  This was his view:


It was a fantastic museum that documented the days, hours, and minutes before and after the assassination.  It was also a very eerie place.  In the corner where Oswald had fired the shots they left the original floor boards, light fixtures, and window sill.  It was at the museum where I realized why I have this inkling interest in history that pops up every now and again.  In a place like Dealey Plaza and the sixth floor of the book depository you get this feeling that is just difficult to explain.  The best way I can describe it is a nostalgic feeling.  Being in a location where the course of American history changed is something that sticks with you.  Being in a location that essentially feels and looks the same as it did on November 22, 1963 is almost creepy.  I think because it gives you a small chance to enter the mind of the people there on that day when you are able to see firsthand what they saw that day.


The Rest of Dallas

Spent a little bit of time in what Dallas calls the “historic” district.  It was the Faneuil Hall, except about 1/10 the size and significantly less crowded.  Had my first and only run-in with Texas ribs for lunch at a BBQ called Hoffbrau Steaks:


Sticking the Davey Pageviews “one bite and score” method I gave these somewhere around a 6 or 6.5.  I think I might have had the same rack of ribs at The 99 in Lynnfield.

The JFK Memorial they constructed was nothing special so I didn’t even bother taking a picture of it.  I feel like Dallas felt so guilty when Kennedy died that they built the memorial as an apology to all Americans for being so politically corrupt during the early 1960’s and letting the death of an American president happen in their city.

Outer Dallas

Passing the American Airlines Arena on the way out of Dallas we voyaged to the suburbs for a quick pit stop at what many call the best BBQ place in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  The Feedstore, while very good, was the most Texas place I’d been all vacation.  The accents of the workers and the whole aura of the place was as Texas as it gets.


Quickly drove past Carroll High School and the football field where college quarterbacks Greg McLeroy, Chase Daniels, and Garrett Hartley played their high school ball.  Place is clearly known for kickers and failed NFL QB’s.

We then made the drive back to our hotel by the airport before retiring for the night so we could catch our 6am flight back to Boston.


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