Dallas/Fort Worth: Day 2

An early morning wake up allowed for a full day of activities in the Fort Worth area.  After a hotel breakfast we went over to the Stockyards at Fort Worth to see some historic Texas as opposed to Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban’s commercial Texas.

The Stockyards


With the stench of horse poop in the air, the Stockyards are what you come to the Dallas/Fort Worth area for.  Long horned steer and guys dressed as Civil War militia men make this place feel like what you pictured Texas to be like in your mind.  The main attraction here is the world’s only live cattle drive.  Here is some rare and absolutely riveting footage of the cattle drive:

Yes, it was as boring as it looks and it lasted about 45 seconds.  I don’t understand what all the hoopla was about.  Texans are strange sometimes.


Couldn’t leave a place known for its steer without getting a steak.  Probably in the Top 5 steaks of all time and the garlic mashed potatoes were equally as good.

Bowling Hall of Fame

Bagarella’s Hall of Fame resume: baseball, hockey, soccer, and boxing.  Now I can add another hall to that list.  The International Bowling Hall of Fame.  Shockingly, the museum was actually pretty interesting.  Would I go there again? No. But, was it worth going? Yes.  As you could probably guess we were the only people in there and I can’t imagine it ever gets all that busy.



Sox Game

Sox played a lot better in the second game and we actually saw a win behind a strong pitching performance by Jonny Lester.  My favorite things about Texas Rangers ballpark: Everyone singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” in the 4th inning, House of Cards theme song playing when introducing Red Sox line-up, and the Nolan Ryan statue in centerfield


They are addicted to Nolan Ryan in Texas.  They have him in half of the ads around the ball park.  The beef company that makes the hotdogs, hamburgers, etc. for the ballpark is even called Nolan Ryan’s Beef.  He is Texas’ version of Jesus Christ.

Dallas was the destination for Day 3.


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