Dallas/Fort Worth: Day 1

It was my first voyage across the Mighty Mississippi.  I was a pioneer leaving the comfortable territory of New England to the vast planes of the Lone Star state and the Big D.  I spent three days and some change in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington area with some family this past weekend and probably saw everything there was to see.  Here is day número uno.

Flight from Logan to Dallas

We snagged a 7:30PM flight to the Big D.  Spent a majority of the flight watching the Bruins-Habs overtime game and the NFL Draft on a screen about the size of Johnny Manziel’s hand.


And yes, the one and only Joe Castiglione sat two seats behind me.  For those of you who are uncultured, Big Joe is the radio announcer for the Sox and has been for years and the guy couldn’t have been more unfriendly.  Tried talking to him, but he was having none of it.  Maybe I’m just awkward.  Snipped Joe pre-flight in the waiting area and took this creepy photo.  That’s Joe in the vibrant orange:


Worst part of the flight had to be the puker.  With an hour left in the flight you could start to smell it and within ten minutes the plane reeked.  Felt bad for the poor guy.  Puked all over himself.  That has to be the most degrading, embarrassing, and disgusting feeling of all time.


Frontiers of Flight Museum

After a 1am McDonald’s snack and a good night of rest we started our sightseeing tour early the next morning.  Our first stop was the museum of airplanes.  Dallas is the birthplace of commercial aviation and that was news to me.  Went to the airport and museum where both Southwest and American Airlines were started.



A couple of interesting tidbits of information were scattered throughout the museum and if anyone is still looking to plan a surprise 21st birthday party for me, I think I found your place.


AT&T Stadium



Our next destination was Jerry World.  This place is just unbelievable.  During the tour you are able to go on the field for awhile and it’s just absolutely unbelievable.  Seeing where Tony Romo gets sacked and the Cowboys lose critical games? Who can pass that up.

And you get to spend some time in the players and cheerleaders locker rooms.  I don’t know why everyone was so interested in taking pictures in front of Romo’s locker.  Hurricane Weeden’s locker is where the real action is at.


How predictable is it that these two lovers have their lockers right next to each other?  When you walk around the locker room you can really feel the sadness and disappointment in the hardwood lockers that are apparently imported from South Africa.


The sacred star that everyone in Dallas holds so close to their heart.  The poor guy was sweeping off the rubber turf pellets:


Jerry Jones’ box where he watches the games with his two sons and swears profusely:


Sox Game

Finished the day off with the first of two Sox-Rangers game at Globe Life Park in Arlington.  Worked in a turkey leg for dinner that went against my beer-hot dog-peanuts rule at baseball games.  As they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do.


Got to the game about an hour and a half early to watch the Sox take batting practice.  Even found time to have a nice convo with my good friend and Yale grad Craig Breslow:

Yu Darvish was one out away from no-hitting the Sox in the game.  For the last couple innings I actually converted to a Rangers fan.  You have to root for a no-hitter over your hometown team.  Had seats in the upper deck with the rowdy and absolutely annoying Texas fans who know close to nothing about baseball.  It was weird watching a baseball game from so high up.  Not really used to that with the single-decked Fenway.


Headed back to the hotel after the game and hit the hay as soon as we got back.  Day número dos would have its fair share of cattle and a better Sox game in store.


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