NFL Draft Predictions

Firstly, I hate the new draft time and format.   They need to return the NFL draft to a Saturday afternoon in April because I think its losing some luster.

Tonight I’ll probably spend more time watching the B’s try and dig themselves out of a 2-1 series hole in Montreal, but here are my predictions for the top picks in the NFL Draft.


1. Texans – Jadeveon Clowney 

I can’t see the Texans taking a quarterback with a player as talented as Clowney available.  Thankfully the Texans still have the 33rd pick to take a quarterback like Jimmy Northern Illinois, Teddy Bridge, or Tom Savage.


Imagine Clowney and JJ Watt hunting quarterbacks for seasons to come.  That is one frightening defensive line.

2. Rams – Greg Robinson

Merely going off what ESPN analysts say here.  The Rams are still a year or two away from blowing up the Sam Bradford project.  Not a glamorous pick, but with the division the Rams have to deal with right now, anything helps.

3. Jaguars – Johnny Manziel

This is the Jaguars chance to bring relevancy  to Jacksonville again.  Tebow wasn’t the right route, but Johnny is a 10-time better version of Tebow that will put people in seats.  Frankly, higher attendance should be the only thing the Jaguars are concerned about right now, not Super Bowls.


4. Browns – Sammy Watkins

Watkins, Josh Gordon, and Jordan Cameron would make the most underrated receiving core in the league.  Those three players could grow and become something special regardless of who is throwing them the ball.  If the Browns get lucky Bridgewater might even be there in the second round.

5. Oakland – Khalil Mack

This is no longer the Al Davis era.  Thankfully the Raiders won’t feel pressured to take Kent State running back and 40-yard dash champion Dri Archer.  Mack is in that no-one-thinks-I’m-a-superstar position.  People will forget about him until he becomes Defensive Player of The Year in 2017.  Like Jerod Mayo of the Patriots, Mack is a tackle machine.


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