A Look Back at Sophomore Year

As of this morning, I have officially moved out of the room where this very blog was conceived only a matter of months ago.  In celebration of the start of summer and in memory of sophomore, let’s take a look back at the best sports moments from this past academic year.

The Sox


Never thought I’d get a chance to see a World Series game in my life.  An unbelievable experience.  The whole week and a half when the World Series was going on was spectacular.  Superstars everywhere and activities abound.  A Red Sox World Series victory while I was at BU?  I never thought it would happen in a million years.

Bob Ryan Visits BU


One night back in the fall the legendary Boston sports writer visited BU for a night to talk to students.  The guy is full of ridiculous stories.  Stories about Larry Bird, stories about his wife, stories about Around the Horn.  One thing Bob Ryan really needs though is a few new pairs of dress pants.  Way too short.  Probably wore the same dress pants to the Celtics Game 6 win over the Rockets in ’86.

Union vs. RPI 



Awesome to see a good friend of mine make an incredible touchdown catch in this game for Union.  If I could do my life over again I think I’d smash my Xbox and spend more time running laps around the football field so I could play D3 college football.

Return of Doc, Paul, and KG






The new Celtics are going to take some time to get used to.  Yeah, I know the seats sucked and I ended up paying like sixty bucks for the Nets-Celtics ticket, but these were can’t miss games.  I need a DVD that has the three tribute videos on it.  Can you imagine watching a tribute video of yourself?  That must be the ultimate emotional moment.

On another note, imagine how cool it would be to see a Nets-Clippers Finals this year?  Not going to happen, but still it’d be cool.

Women’s Basketball


I swear it was a good game.



Alright, I lied, not all sports.  The Robin Thicke concert was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve been to awhile.  Consistent second hand embarrassment.  Guess how much tickets were though? $7.  My meal at Raising Cane’s after the concert cost more than that.  Jokes on Thicke and his terrible marriage.

The Barclay’s


This place is so much cooler than TD Garden its almost unfair.  I need to get my haircut there before I die.

BU Loses to American in Patriot League Final


For some reason this made me kind of sad.  I already pictured BU on my bracket for March Madness and then they score like 12 points in the final and are sent packing.  At least them playing Illinois at Agganis a few days later was cool.

Career Ending Injury


Ripped up my toe in a rugby tournament down in Rhode Island.  Lost the game too.  First time I’d ever used crutches and man did it stink.

Marathon Monday


Best day of the year.  End of discussion.




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