Red Sox-Rays: Two Out of Three

Two games in three days.  For the first time in my career as a Red Sox fan I made it to two games in the same series.  The best part was it was completely by accident.

Game 1

The Rays were in town for a mid-week series in April, so you know what that means: cheap tickets.  The first game of the series was a cold night at Fenway and if we are being completely honest I think it might win as the coldest baseball game I’ve ever been to.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t get my usual 3rd inning Fenway meal:


If you get anything besides beer, peanuts, or a hot dog at a baseball game you need to be investigated for being a fascist.  Leave the popcorn for the movies.  Also, I consistently get ridiculed by my father for putting ketchup on my hot dog at baseball games.  He claims mustard is the only acceptable hot dog condiment.   For the record I have never once willingly put a drop of mustard on a hot dog.


The beautiful $10 bleacher seats made for an even colder night and I swear the the 1-0 score put the temperatures below 0.  No action through six innings and the crew I go to the game with wants to leave the game early.  I already had one run in with Fenway karma this year and I didn’t need a second one.  However, I was outmanned and ended up watching the Sox score five runs in the seventh from my buddies apartment.  Moral of the story?  If you see these kids on the street don’t accept any Red Sox tickets they offer you.  The tickets are tainted.


Game 2

Postponed from the night before, a 1 o’clock game on a Thursday afternoon was going to be a ghost town.  Easily got $10 standing room tickets and ended up sitting in these bad larrys for the whole game:


Got to the game early and had a few memorable conversations with Benny Zobrist and David DeJesus.  My main man DeJesus was even telling me how he loved his time in Kansas City and had some great memories there.  Right now he is winning the “Bagarella’s Favorite Player That Doesn’t Play For the Red Sox Race” by a landslide.

Sox got out to a 1-0 lead in the first but then wouldn’t score another run for the rest of the game in a 2-1 loss.  Should’ve been a tie game in the 8th, but whatever nonsense Joe Torre was telling Angel Hernandez in this instant replay dissolved any hope of that.  But, because it was Dustin Pedroia bobblehead day, who cares.



Also, I’m kind of a hypocrite.  Ended up snagging a few handfuls of my buddy’s popcorn midway through this game.

Couldn’t make it to the third game and frankly that’s where I draw the line.  That’s when it becomes burdensome to watch sports and the entertainment level begins to whither.  I’ll take two out of three and a couple bags of peanuts any day.


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