Hockey’s Best Rivalry

I want to say it was when I was in 8th grade when I first became a Bruins fan. I still remember the exact day too.  April 19th, 2008.

The Bruins were in the Stanley Cup playoffs as the eight seed and were up against the Montreal Canadiens in the first round.   I can’t remember the first five games of the series, but boy do I remember Game 6.  Marco Sturm, one of the guys the Bruins got for Big Joe Thornton a year or two earlier, scored on Carey Price with two minutes to go in the game to give the Bruins the victory and force a Game 7.  I was hooked.  The Bruins would lose the series after being shutout in Game 7, but there was no turning back for me.  I was now a hockey fan and I was now a Bruins fan.

The Montreal-Boston hockey rivalry is the best rivalry in all of sports.  My grandfather used to tell me the same story any time hockey was mentioned.  It was his hockey story.  He and my grandmother went to a B’s-Habs game at the old Montreal Forum and, for whatever reason, a Montreal fan pushed him because he was from Boston and wearing a Bruins hat.  Story would always end with:  “I’d never go back there ever again.”

The history of this rivalry runs deep and runs across generations.  Now we get to put another stamp on that.



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