Playoffs, the DC Wiz, and Professional Sports Worst Owner

Just like the Red Sox, I decided to not show up for the month of April.  But with both the NBA and NHL playoffs in full swing I felt compelled to write a little piece.

Donald Sterling

Firstly, the NBA playoffs have unfortunately taken a backseat to Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments regarding Magic Johnson and African Americans.  Here is what I think.  I am currently finishing up a course on media law and ethics in which all the law material is centered around First Amendment rights.  Sterling committed no crime in saying what he did, but it’s unfortunate that a man with so much power and so much possibility to influence  society has to feel that way.  I can’t imagine how Doc Rivers and Chris Paul feel about this whole thing.  I know they say certain things in the media and in press conferences, but you have to think the level of anger they have toward their boss is excruciatingly high.

I imagine Tuesday’s playoff game at the Staples Center is going to be awkward and hope Sterling is nowhere near LA for it.



Wizards vs. Warriors

I’ve watched a handful of the first round NBA playoff  games and to be honest I am a confused.  How is Atlanta giving Indiana fits and why is Frank Vogel going to lose his job over it?  Why are the Bobcats taking part in playoff games?  Is Dallas actually going to upset San Antonio? Why did no one tell me the Wizards are REALLY good?

I just watched the Wizards play absolute lockdown defense on Joakim Noah and Los Bulls this afternoon.  If Trevor Ariza can play like that for the rest of the playoffs this Wizards team is going to be dangerous.  And imagine an Wizards-Heat Eastern Conference Final?  Everyone with a pulse will be rooting against the Heat.  Also, I’ve just become a huge Marcin Gortat fan.  Viva Poland.



My prediction is that the Warriors and their impeccable three-point shooting will play Gortat’s Wizards in the NBA finals.  That’ll be a fun one.  And I know my man Bill Simmons is a believer in the DC Wiz.


Bruins vs. Blackhawks

A rematch is in the works.  A damn rematch.  Bruins made it out of the first round fairly against the Eastern Conference newbie Red Wings and a series with Montreal is coming up.  This Montreal series is going to be the best playoff series since the B’s played Vancouver in the finals a couple years back.

I was rooting for the Blues for awhile, but Steve Ott just frustrates me.  I think the Blackhawks or the Avs come out of the West with the Bruins taking the East.  Did you actually think I would take anyone but the Bruins?



The Sox

I  committed the ultimate Fenway sin a few weeks ago.  I left a tie game in the seventh only to have David Ortiz hit a game winning home run in the eighth and set up the save for Koji.   I was embarrassed.

I got what I deserved when I went to a Yanks-Sox game and the Yanks lit up Felix Doubront and beat the Sox 14-5.  Fenway karma.  It’s real.



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