And Here Come the Black and Gold

While everyone is getting all worked up about brackets, Sox spring training, and the Patriots signing third-string receivers, the Black and Gold have worked up a little magic of their own.  In the past few weeks the B’s not only solidified their reserved spot in the playoffs, but they also rattled off an impressive 12-game winning streak before losing to Montreal in a shootout the other night.

This winning streak came at the perfect time.  Not too early.  Not too late.  If the Bruins had ended the season on this streak I would’ve been frightened.  One loss early in the playoffs and the team suddenly forgets how to bounce back.  Trust me I’ve been there and played on numerous playoff hockey teams before.

Secondly, I’m embarrassed at the lack of Bruins games I’ve watched.  I haven’t seen the elegant TD Garden ice since November.  It’s shameful.  But just like everyone else I know, I hear the words: “playoff hockey” and my ears perk up like a dog.  All of a sudden I’m the biggest Bruins fan on the North Shore.  I think this is the year I dish out a months salary and attend my first ever hockey playoff game.  It has to happen sooner or later.




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