March Madness Picks

Last year I was in the money.  If Wichita State hadn’t beaten Ohio State in that Elite Eight game I would have had the Final Four perfectly.  This year I kept the same attitude when filling out my four brackets: Gut instinct.  Gut instinct wins bracket pools.  Keep it in God’s hands.


Florida, the #1 seed overall, sits atop the South Region, followed by Andy Wiggins and Kansas at #2.  For the longest time I believed Kansas was winning it all this year.  Then Embiid went down and everyone lost interest in the Jayhawks.  However, do you know what wins championships in college basketball? Coaching.  Plain and simple.  How many no-name coaches win NCAA titles? None is the short answer.  Jim Boeheim, Bill Self, and Billy Donovan all in one bracket?  The choices are tough but I’m taking Billy D. and Florida out of the South.



For the first time in almost ever I watched a lot of basketball during Championship Week last week.  Wednesday night I saw the Boston University Terriers put up 36 points and blow it big time in the Patriot League Championship which is a shame.  I also saw Iowa State make an incredible run through the Big 12 tournament.  They took down Kansas State, Kansas, and Baylor.  Although they go against my “coaching wins championships” motto, I am a believer in Melvin Ejim, DeAndre Kane, and the Cyclones.  I think I’m going to regret not taking Tom Izzo’s Michigan St. squad, but when things like this happen I take Iowa State.

 Big 12 Tournament: Iowa State v. Kansas



I still remember watching Arizona get their first loss of the season against Cal on February 1st.  It was around the same time that Carmelo put up 62 and Peyton Manning missed his flight to New York for the Super Bowl.  It was the time of year were weird things were happening.  Never trust the beginning of February in my book.  Thats when things get fixed (See: Patriots-Giants 2008 SuperBowl).  They would end up losing three more games, but they were all to tournament teams.  I’m looking forward to the Arizona-Oklahoma St match-up that could happen this weekend.  Aaron Gordon outplays Marcus Smart and Doug McDermott to get Arizona to the Final Four.  Point Guard U baby!  Mike Bibby!




The debatably second best region in regard to coaching.  John Calipari, Dick Pitino, and Mike Kryswksikie all bring their teams into the Midwest region as polarizing Wichita State sits at #1.  Also hidden in the region is UMass at #6 which is absurd.  Louisville helped me out big time last year and I have to thank them for that.  I really wish Duke wasn’t in the same region because I already ordered my Celtics Jabrari Parker jersey on Amazon.  Russ Smith already has a championship and he is hunting for another, so I’m taking Louisville



Championship: Florida over Arizona


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