New Faces at CBS Next Season

CBS decided to shake things up on their Sunday NFL broadcast by sending Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino packing and bringing in recently retired and guaranteed Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez.  The move begs a few questions:

1. Why was Shannon Sharpe on the broadcast in the first place?

I honestly think there was a shortage of retired NFL players and coaches that wanted to do broadcasting.  I think CBS was merely filling a seat when they hired Sharpe  in 2004.  The guy does a terrible job enunciating his words and half the time I can barely understand what he is saying.  Love this article from the Onion.  That being said, I am currently failing my public speaking class so I understand your problems Shannon.  Kind of.

Lastly, I sure hope Sharpe gives us an interview after losing his job because he sure was adamant on calling out Bill Belichick a year ago.  Don’t be a hypocrite Shannon, tell the people why you got fired.

2. Who is going to be the second analyst?

I love the Tony Gonzalez choice.  I have always been a big Tony fan whether it be Tony Stewart or Tony Gonzalez.  He is the best tight end in history (which I’m sure puts a little salt in the wound for Shannon). He is a great speaker.  Above all else, he is a caring man, a family man.  That’s what CBS needs and that’s what CBS is getting.

Now I wonder who will be joining Tony?  I have a few guesses and none of them are named Brett Favre.  David Stern, Justin Bieber, or Kevin Faulk would be the obvious choice, but I know how these kinds of shows like to think outside the box.

3. What is your ranking for NFL TV broadcasts?

In terms of the guys sitting at the desks making a living doing what I do every Sunday for less than a straw penny here is my order:

#1 ESPN: Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Ditka etc.


#2 Fox: Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long, etc. (Jay Glazer and Joe Buck do not count)


#3 CBS: James Brown, Bill Cowher, not Shannon Sharpe, etc.


DNQ: NFL Network



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