This Morning Confirmed that I Do Really Like the Olympics

What did I tell you?  Olympic hockey is the best hockey.   You’re lying to yourself if you don’t think this morning’s game was the best hockey game we’ve seen since the 2011 Bruins run.  Seven-thirty AM and bars are packed and most of America is awake and rearing to go for USA-Russia.  The first two periods are forgotten in time, but with puck drop in the third period we had a game on our hands.

Late night activity sidelined me for the first two period of the game, but I’m OK with it because what I, and all you other patriotic, bald-eagling loving, pure blood Americans saw in the end was plain awesome.  I’m calling it the Modern Day Miracle and I’ve already purchased the movie rights.  NO GOAL!


This morning T.J. Oshie went from an above-average St. Louis Blues forward to an American savior.  His wife went from an ordinary citizen to a candidate for the cover of next year’s SI Swimsuit Edition.  USA hockey went from the backseat of everyone’s Olympic interest to the damn driver’s seat with two hands on the wheel and gas pedal through the floor.

Let’s see a hockey gold for the US and let’s make morning hockey a thing.  That being said, you better believe that Putin and the rest of the artist formerly known as the Soviet Union will be back.   USA hockey is target #1 on the hit list.



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