Why the Winter Games Are Worth Watching

I’m more of a Summer Olympics guy, but I’m actually pretty excited for the upcoming Winter Olympic games.  I’d rather watch Lebron and his gang of basketball bandits yam on big unathletic guys from Tunisia, but I’ll settle for curling and cross-country skiing for now.  In my mind,  here are why the Sochi games will be worth watching:

1. A Great Remedy for the Lack of Football

This Sunday is the saddest Sunday of the year because its the first day without football in months.  It’s like my weekly routine has been all thrown off.  So, instead of Sunday Night Football we get women’s snowboarding and figure skating on Sunday night.  It’ll have to do.

2. The Best Hockey of All Hockeys

Olympic hockey is the best hockey.  Period.  The Bruins and the NHL and the NHL playoffs are great and all, but I feel like these guys play on a different level when they throw on their country’s colors.

Although I might not stay up for the whole thing, you bet I’ll be up at the crisp hour of 7:30 AM on February 13th to at least turn on the US vs Slovakia game and see Zdeno Chara rocking that Slovak uni.


The US will then play Russia which will be a must-watch game before closing out their group play against Anze Kopitar and a bunch of no name guys from Slovenia.

3. I Have a Strange Relationship With Watching Figure Skating

It’s kind of like NASCAR in the fact that I just watch in hopes of a crash.  But then I see one and am all wigged out by it.  I cringe and feel bad for the poor Chinese girl in her tiny skirt who goes coasting half way across the ice scraping up her poor knees and all that.

Leading me to my second question:  Does Michelle Kwan still compete?  I feel like she used to be a big name back in the day with McDonald’s commercials and what not.


4. The Medal Count

Claiming itself as the Worldwide Leader in Sports I feel like the medal count is the only thing ESPN ever shows.  I could be wrong.  That being said, nothing gets me more amped than seeing the good old US of A sitting atop that list with a trillion medals.  Is there anything more gratifying than that? How do you feel if your China or Canada? I’m sure that knocks your pride down eight or nine notches.  I’m pumped.  Let the games begin.


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