Super Bowl Wrap Up

It was rude of me to go right into the Super Bowl next year and not acknowledge this year’s addition of America’s Greatest Game.  Firstly, I want people to look back at the stats I predicted for Peyton Manning.  If you change that second touchdown into more passing yards I would’ve had them predicted spot on.

Manning screwed up and I don’t care that he hates the word, but he was EMBARRASSED.  He and the Broncos looked like everything Tom Brady and the Patriots were two weeks before.  That lazy fumble by Demariyus Thomas, who by the way had  a Super Bowl record 13 catches, really just summed up the game for the Broncos.  Records in abundance, but no will to win.


Now, on the other side.  The Seahawks defense is something special.  I don’t think we have seen a defense this good since Ray Ray and the Ravens back at the turn of the Millennium.  If they can stay intact and off the narcotics we could potentially be talking about the best defense of our generation.  NFL should’ve given the Super Bowl MVP to the Legion of Boom.


Russell Wilson played exceptionally well and Pete Carroll, even though I still dislike the guy, coached one hell of a game.  Congrats to Seattle and the 12th man.

With all that being said, I think my favorite part of the dimly entertaining game was the halftime performance by Bruno Mars.  Especially this last song:


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