Next Year’s Super Bowl Because Why Not

Pats fans: Pick the worst moment in New England Patriots.  Any moment.

Pretty good chance the number one answer for tonight’s Family Feud Fast Money is the Patriot’s losing to the Giants in the 2007-2008 Super Bowl.  The David Tyree catch, the Asante Samuel missed interception, the perfect season ruined.  Ya’ll don’t need to be reminded.

Well here’s some prophetic news.  The Patriots have next year’s Super Bowl locked up.  Here’s why:

  • Just like every year the Patriots are going to coast through their division.  Miami might put a little scare into the Pats, but in the end we’ll squeak out the division games no problem.
  • Non-divisional regular season games?  AFC West will be tough, but I’ll take a win versus Oakland any day.  The games at Kansas City and San Diego will be difficult, especially if the Chargers game falls late in the season.  NFC North isn’t strong, so I’m not too concerned with those games.  I can’t even remember the last time the Pats played at Lambeau Field.
  • The Pats will then look at a first-round bye and then in the divisional round crush another lesser opponent just as they do every year.  This year I’m thinking it’s Kansas City’s turn to face the wrath of Bill at Gillette in early January.
  • Then the AFC Championship game.  Boy oh boy.  This is when those regular season wins come in handy.  If the Patriots can pull off enough wins for home-field advantage I like their chances in this game.  I can imagine it’s going to be Peyton.  The Pats just can’t play in Denver.  It can’t happen.
  • Pulling off a close victory against the now noticeably beatable team from Denver, the Patriots find themselves in the Super Bowl once again.  Best part? It’s in Arizona.  The same field where the 18-0 Patriots became the 18-1 Patriots.  A chance at redemption.  The perfect ending to a Bill and Tom era.  The football gods want it this way.  Correct societies’ mistakes in fixing the last Super Bowl that occurred in Arizona.  You heard it here first.

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