Jerry Remy Back in the Booth

Jerry Remy - AP

I’ve watched Red Sox broadcasts on NESN for years.  It has always been a summer fixture in my house.  I still remember the days when Don Orsillo and Sean McDonough used to switch off games on play-by-play. One constant all these years has been Jerry Remy.

Recently, with his health issues and family issues Jerry Remy has sparingly been in the NESN broadcast booth.  Yesterday Remy declared he will be returning for the 2014 Red Sox season.

Personally, I have mixed feelings on Remy coming back.  Part of me is excited and sentimental whether the other half of me is saying change is needed.


He is the President of Red Sox nation.  When you think of Red Sox broadcasts you think of Remy.  Always hilarious when Don and Jerry can’t stop laughing about something they see in the crowd.  Simply, the guy is a Boston legend.


I don’t want to see the career of Jerry Remy end on a sour note.  I don’t want his situation with his son to get worse and all of a sudden Remy turns into a bad guy.  Essentially, I don’t want a Joe Paterno situation to arise with Remy.


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