Pierce and KG Return Home

For some odd reason I love returns.  I had to go to Terry Francona’s return to Boston and I made sure to sit right behind the dugout.  You honestly probably couldn’t get a seat in Fenway Park closer to Terry Francona that night unless you were playing for the Indians.  Went to Pedro’s return to Fenway when he was on the Mets in 2005 and Youks return when he was on the Black Sox a year or two ago.  Even earlier this season I made it to the TD Garden to see Doc Rivers’ return as coach of the Clippers.

However, last night wins as the best homecoming night I’ve ever been to.  With the Celtics hosting the Brooklyn Nets, it was time for Paul Pierce and KG to make their return to the Garden for the first time.  Obviously it was an emotional night.  Fans crying, players crying, kids crying, the whole nine yards.

Of course Garnett was going to take the tip right after he smashed his head against the padding under the basket like the old days.




Didn’t get videos of the two tributes because honestly it was just too good and I had to watch.  Worth overpaying for the nosebleeds and I think it wins as the most memorable Celtics game I’ve ever been to.  This guy had a little too much fun:



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