I Really Can’t Pick Games

First I want to address the NFC title game.  I thought the 49ers really had this one.  Even put ten whole dollars on the game.  The fumble play with Navarro Bowman ruining his leg had the potential to be the most controversial play in the history of the NFL.  Probably would’ve taken down the Goodell regime, but Marshawn Lynch throws up the ball on the very next play and gives San Francisco the chance to win the game.  And then Richard Sherman happened.

The Sherminator and his diarrhea mouth were the story at the end of this game.  I think everyone completely forgot about what happened in the game.  People were just waiting to see what stupid thing Sherman did next.  He is the loosest of all loose cannons.  Not even going to put the video of the interview on here because I know everyone’s watched it countless times.  Stanford’s most cherished graduate:

As for the AFC title game.  Same old song and dance for the Patriots.  Still haven’t put together two strong playoff games since 2004.  I was hoping this would be the year, but nope.  Definitely safe to say Manning played well, but I do think this is a very different game if the whole New England squad is active.  Very different.  Even if Welker doesn’t take Talib out of the game with an illegal pick I think we are talking about a different game for Peyton Manning.  I’ll get to a Patriots season wrap up later this week, but for now: T’was another enjoyable season to watch.


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