BU Gets Back on The Grid

I want everyone to know that you heard it here first.  The Boston University men’s basketball will be in the NCAA March Madness Tournament.  It’s personally bittersweet.

Last season I covered the team for the school newspaper and have to say I did a damn good job.  This year the paper decided to go in a different direction.  Just like the top teams in the NCAA, the Daily Free Press opted to start the young freshman over a wily old veteran like myself.  I don’t blame them.

Now, as just a casual BU fan who, like the rest of the student body, doesn’t even go to the games, I believe this year’s BU team is going to be playing the college basketball games that actually matter.  You know the ones with money on the line.

I still remember watching a #16 Boston University team play the #1 overall Kansas Jayhawks back in like 2011.  To this day it remains the only BU basketball game anyone talks about.  BU kept it close until they started chucking up threes in the second half.


BU wins the Patriot League and throws themselves into the tournament as a #15 seed playing someone like Villanova.  Think about it.


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