Divisional Round Predictions

I wouldn’t trust my picks anymore for the rest of the playoffs.  I really wouldn’t.  Saying Jamaal Charles is the best player in the playoffs? That went well.  All four games picked correctly? Hardly.  Maybe two of the four picks? How about putting up a big goose egg in the four Wild Card games.  Oh, well.

There was one thing I was right about though.  Ridiculous things happen in Wild Card week.  The Chargers moving on and the Colts with an unbelievable comeback against the Chiefs.  Who saw that coming?

I think the most interesting story for this week’s Divisional round is the two distinct groups of quarterbacks in the eight teams we have left.  We see four “old school” quarterbacks (Brady, Manning, Rivers, Brees) and four “new school” quarterbacks (Wilson, Newton, Kaepernick, Luck).  Will the torch be passed to a new generation or does wisdom reign supreme?

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks 

Oh, boy.  I said it last week and I’ll say it again.  The Saints are scared of the Seahawks in the playoffs and are traumatized from the 2010 Wild Card game in Seattle.  Care to remind us 24?

Seattle isn’t coming into the playoffs very hot and I’ve never been a Pete Carroll fan, but the defense is too strong and the Twelfth Man is real.  Very real.  I’d love for a chance to attend a game at Qwest Field or whatever they are calling that place these days.  Russell Wilson and the Seahawks make it to the NFC Championship game.  Seahawks.

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots 

Tom Brady and the Pats always show up in these Divisional round games.  Just ask the 2012-13 Houston Texans or the 2011-12 Denver Broncos.  I have no doubts Brady and the boys will once again destroy their Divisional round opponent, but the real question is: Can the Patriots string together two strong playoff performances in a row?  Really hasn’t been done since 2004.  Patriots.

San Francisco 49ers at Carolina Panthers

Are the Panthers for real? I don’t know.  Does anybody know?  I think Cam Newton is one of my least favorite players in the NFL.  I probably even put him ahead of Peyton Manning.  No doubt he is quite an athletic specimen, but something about him just bothers me.  Patriots should’ve beaten these cats a few months ago.  Even though the 49ers and Jim/John Harbaugh complain about EVERY SINGLE CALL OR NON-CALL, I think they take care of Carolina and move onto the NFC Championship for the third year in a row.  49ers.

San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos

True fact: I own a Philip Rivers jersey.  More importantly… Go Chargers, Go! Chargers.


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