A Thrilling End to the BCS Era


Last night had the makings of last year’s BCS National Championship Game early on.  It frightened me.  Seemed Auburn was going to run away with this one and that Jameis Winston was just not going to show up, Manti Te’o and Notre Dame all over again.  Then a fake punt in the second quarter changed all that and all of a sudden we were destined for a game that rivals the 2005 game between USC and Texas as the best National Championship game ever.

A kick return touchdown, followed by a bruising TD run by Auburn’s Tre Mason (who had a spectacular game), followed by a game-winning drive by college football’s best player in Winston made the last four minutes of last night’s game truly unforgettable.

When they have ESPN Classic countdowns of the best BCS Championship games this HAS to be top three.  Adding to all the drama was the fact that this was the last true National Championship game.

Honestly now that it has come, I’m really not all that thrilled about the college football playoff.  Just like the MLB adding another Wild Card team, every sports league is trying to be more and more like Roger Goodell’s National Football League.

But nonetheless that’s a story for a different today.  Last night and today were about sending the BCS era out on top.  I liked Auburn in last night’s game and with a whooping $10 on them I was kind of pulling for the Tigers. However, soon after the FSU victory I realized why I love college football.  With no allegiance to any team I can happily root for an exciting and memorable game.  That is what we got last night.


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