Wild Card Weekend Predictions


Boy, am I thankful the Patriots aren’t playing this weekend.  From Tim Tebow miraculously defeating the Steelers in overtime to the Music City Miracle, strange things happen on Wildcard Weekend.  With ugly weather in the forecast for three of the four games, I’m sure we’ll have our own dosage of excitement this year.

Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

Jamaal Charles can flat out play football and play it at a very, very high level.  In my own opinion he is the best running back in football.  Andy Reid has turned things around in Kansas City and I don’t see their season ending in Indianapolis.  Donald Brown may have a little something to say about that, but the Colts just don’t strike me as a strong playoff team right now.  Gut feeling.  Chiefs

San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals

The Chargers limped their way into the playoffs by barely beating the Chiefs’ glorified practice squad in Week 17.  That definitely doesn’t bode well.  The forecast calls for rain during the game and I can’t help to think of the torrential downpour that occurred when the Patriots played Cincinnati this year.  Just absolutely ruined Tom and the gang.  Held them to a gross six points all game.  If the Bengals can hold the Pats to six points in the rain I can’t see the Chargers even scoring a TD.  Bengals

New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles

Speaking of crazy things to happen in Wild Card Weekend I’m sure Sean Payton and the Saints are pretty familiar with their 2010 game in Seattle against the 7-9 Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch.  Earthquake status in Seattle.  I’m not saying I’m not confident the Saints could easily beat the Eagles, but the Eagles do have that back-up quarterback magic right now.  Like Brady in 2001 and Colin Kaepernick last year, Nick Foles has turned this season around for Philly after taking over quarterbacking duties.  Yeah, having LeSean McCoy probably helped too.  Eagles

San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers

The most noteworthy headline for this game so far is how damn cold it is going to be at Lambeau Field at game time.  Every news report is different, but temperatures seem to be in the negative teens.  It should be illegal to play football in that kind of weather.  Whichever team has the most bananas in stock and can last the longest is going to win this game.  It’s a really a toss-up, but I like how Green Bay has been playing thus far even with a quarterback carousal.  Packers


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