The 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero

New Years Eve at New York City is something every human being should experience.  Going to the Big Apple for the first time in my young life I was just shocked at the excess of popular culture and advertising throughout the city.  Billboards plastered on every building, skyscrapers that put the Prudential to shame, and a busy Times Squares that is best described in the words of one of my good friend as “a bubble of constant energy.”  But that being said, in a city overflowing with wealth, glamour, and energy, it is incredible that New York City can be home to such a moving and compelling memorial like the 9/11 Memorial where the Twin Towers once stood.

Climbing the stairs from the depths of the Rector Street subway station, it is noticeably quieter in the blocks surrounding the memorial.  With the new Freedom Tower shining above, tourists stand in line to enter the memorial.  The wait in line is long and cold, but unlike a two hour wait at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square, the wait at the memorial is every bit worth it.

The line ends with airport-like security and then you are able to enter the memorial park.  Once in the park the constant sound of falling water in the reflecting pools and the striking size and depth of each pool is both beautiful and touching.  Unbelievable to think two of the tallest buildings in America once stood in the dimensions of these two pools.

The site is still very noticeably under construction, but once the Freedom Tower and the museum have been completed this will be the “can’t miss sight” in a city with an abundance of tourism.

With all the names of those lost in the attacks surrounding the pool, the memorial is a fitting tribute to the countless victims of the worst American tragedy in recent memory. To all involved in the design and construction: Job well done.


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