Ned Divine’s

I’d been to Faneuil Hall and the surrounding area countless times yet I had never noticed this expansive Irish Pub above the bustling Quincy Market.  After a long walk from Kenmore Square to Faneuil Hall we were looking for an early dinner at one of the many restaurants surrounding Quincy Market.

Typically I would make my way into the food court section of the market and get a slice or two at Regina Pizza, but we were in the mood for a sit down meal.  With temperatures below freezing, it was the perfect day for a nice juicy burger in a dark and cozy Irish Pub that Boston is known for.  Standing by the massive Christmas tree at the Boston Harbor end of Quincy Market we assessed our options.  There were a few pubs on the streets surrounding the market, but when I saw the awning for Ned Divine’s I knew it was the place we were looking for.

With its location above the hustle and bustle, we got a good window seat looking out onto the crowded cobblestone pathways of Faneuil Hall.  The décor has that true Irish pub feel with classic Irish music pleasantly augmenting the decorations.


I ordered the Ned Burger and it was absolutely phenomenal.  The service was a bit slow, but once the food came out it was well worth the wait.  A half-pound burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, and a side of fries that was cooked to perfection.  Even though the waitress said the barbeque sauce was only Sweet Baby Ray’s, the popular supermarket brand, it added a needed flavor that set the burger apart from any other.  The Ned Burger undeniably receives the Bagodonuts’ stamp of approval.



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