Weekend Pick’Ems

Beyoncé just dropped a new album and I’m frazzled to say the least, but I’m going to try to pump out this weekends picks.

Navy over Army

Ah, the great American football game.  Just one of those games that really gets the blood flowing.  No superstars, no partying quarterbacks, no illegal recruiting, just some good old football.   Army still hasn’t forgotten what happened last year with the fumble, but unfortunately for them Navy is looking all too strong for this year’s Army team.

Bruins over Canucks

A rivalry that, before June 2011, no one expected to become a rivalry.  Now with former Rangers coach John Tortorella in Vancouver the rivalry has become two-fold.  That being said, the Bruins are on absolute fire right now.  They are straight up dismantling the Northwest division.  Next victim: The Sedin twins.  Of course Burrows is still on the team so I expect some action between him and Lucic.  Trust me I don’t think any bad blood has been lost between these two teams.  Long live Luongo!

Celtics over Knicks

I don’t think we are going to see another 40 point obliteration, but this Knicks team is ugly.  Carmelo cannot wait to get out of New York.  I still can’t believe the damn Knicks beat us in the playoffs last year.  I don’t think this year’s Knicks team could even beat a Swampscott High JV squad coached by Kevin Rodgers.

Patriots over Dolphins

Not really any big time match ups this weekend in the NFL.  Patriots need to come up with a new game plan with Gronk out.  Dolphins are still in the playoff hunt, so you can’t count this Miami team out just yet.  I’m taking the Patriots by default , but don’t be surprised if the Dolphins pull a little upset right here.

Green Bay over Dallas

If Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play we will get an ugly display of terrible quarterbacking versus terrible, and I mean absolutely abysmal, defense.  I would not want to be Cowboy’s defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin right now.


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