Doc’s Return

Wednesday night was a special night at TD Garden.  Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see really the only Celtics coach that I’ve ever known.  I like to think I’m pretty good at trivia, but if you asked me who the coach of the Celtics was before Doc I would have no idea.

A quick note before we get into the Doc talk: For the first time this season we actually got to our seats before tip off and we got to finally see the anthem.  It was no Rene Rancourt, but this dude can flat out play the damn clarinet like its nobody’s business.  Watch out Kenny G.

Really didn’t realize how good it was until midway through the song so I only caught the second half on video.

Anthem finishes, the PA announcer introduces the Clippers and Doc, and then we go right into the Celtics pump up montage on the big screen.  Here I am saying to myself: So I paid 15 bucks and  ran all the way from Government Center to these seats  just to hear them say Doc’s name.  They gotta do something bigger than that.

And then the first quarter ended and the waterworks began.

Even with the loss the Celtics didn’t look bad against a very good Clippers team, but this night was all about Doc….and this lady in our section who tried really, really hard to get on the JumboTron.  Made me reconsider my goal of getting on the big screen as much as possible.  Do less.


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