It was a Bittersweet Symphony Last Weekend

The most bittersweet weekend I’ve seen in a long, long time.   I feel like everything good that happened this past weekend was honestly accompanied by something that diminished its awesomeness.  Probably because I forgot to do the Weekend Pick’em post.  Sorry boys and girls.

Patriots defeat Browns

This one is no doubt the worst.  Like I’ve said in recent posts, the Patriots are starting to pile up comeback win after comeback win.  Those comebacks build momentum and eventually win championships (see: 2013 Boston Red Sox).

Sunday afternoon the Pats yet again came back to defeat the God awful Cleveland Browns (apparently the Browns have the fourth best defense in the league, though? Someone wanna go ahead and explain how the hell that happened).  The onside kick, the make-up pass interference in the end zone, the Brady determination, the Cundiff missed field goal, it was all great.

Except one thing: Rob “Glassman” Gronkowski is no down for a year.  Not THE year, but A year.  Whole knee is torn to shreds.  The scream is so painful.  Like a baby deer being rifled down in the snowy forest mixed with a dude being shot down in the streets of Detroit.  “My fucking leg man!”

Bruins defeat Penguins

The Big Z scored with 13 seconds to play to give the Bruins a lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins, but the win was clearly overshadowed by the skirmish that occurred in the first period.  The Penguins James Neal had the more bone-headed play kneeing Brad Marchand when he was on the ice, but obviously when you get stretchers involved Shawn Thornton looks like the bad guy here after he sucker punched Brooks Orpik.  As if he did not have a dirty player mentality before, Thornton will now be under an even stricter watch as this season and his career progress.

Celtics defeat Knicks

The Celts beat the ever-living shit out of the New York Knicks.  Damn.  The widest margin of victory by any team so far this season.  Didn’t see that one coming.

But then obviously there is a negative side to this whole thing.  Celtics now lead the terrifyingly horrible Atlantic Division in the equally frightening Eastern Conference.  Andrew Wiggins or Jabrari Parker? Doesn’t look like it.


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