Celtics, Ellsbury, and the Fall


So here I am sitting in a sadly empty TD Garden for a Bucks-Celtics game that could have easily been confused with a college basketball game when a series of events unfolds that I couldn’t even imagine.

I come back to the seats with a fried dough (not out of hunger, but out of boredom) that was only $1.50 less expensive than the tickets for the game.  Just in case anyone forgot what fried dough looked like this was my purchase:


Side note: I apologize if I offended anyone by taking few hacks at the fried dough before snapping the picture.

As I sit down in my seat to enjoy my feast I’m told that Jacoby Ellsbury, a born and bred Boston Red Sock, has decided to sign with the New York Yankees for some ungodly amount of money.  For me it was the tale of two stories.

Initial reaction:  Are you shitting me?  We have another traitor on our hands.  I can’t wait till this guy comes back to Fenway and we get to boo him like a terrorist.  And I thought Johnny Damon was bad, this is ten times worse!

Actual opinion:  It’s actually kind of embarrassing that the Yankees shelled out that much money for an injury prone player that they really didn’t even need.  Clearly the Yankees are more dedicated to proving a point than actually putting a solid ball club on the field.  Really a lot of money to give up when the team desperately needs pitching.  Has 2010 Carl Crawford written all over it.

So as I am getting over this whole Ellsbury deal and kind of pretending to watch the basketball game, but in fact more fascinated with the idea that I was actually able to buy tickets for the same price as a three finger combo at Raising Canes, I hear a big ol’ thud a few seats to my left.  No joke, this drunk blonde chick took the spill of a lifetime.  An impressive three row leap landing face first into the back of a seat.  All hell breaks loose in section 307.

Accusations flying from the mouth of a lady you would have thought just witnessed a murder.  The girl’s drunk friends just being drunk.  A cop and a couple security guards just lost somewhere in the middle.  The girl still in her belly flop position.  I’m absolutely hating myself for not at least taking a picture of the scene.  Words almost can’t even describe it.

There’s about two minutes left in the game and the dust eventually settles.  The kids eventually get kicked out by a cop that honestly looked like he had no idea what he was doing.  It was one of those half-hearted ejections that are just really awkward for everyone involved.

And believe it or not the Celtics won the game and are now in first place in the Atlantic division.  And one last note: No creepy (the no homo version of being a creeper), but the Celtics dancers still know how to put on a show.



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