Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Another Thanksgiving in the books and yet another Christmas season upon us.  Nothing quite like listening to Christmas music and studying for finals to get the blood pumping.  Aside from currently being 2-5 for my Weekend Pick’em and the Big Blue taking a 51-13 thrashing I don’t have many complaints.


Always like getting a chance to head back to the old stomping grounds and see what the Big Blue football squad is up to this year.  The rumor I hear is that they haven’t actually had solid right tackle since the 2011 season with Bagarella.  It’s a weird feeling going back and seeing guys you played with (and by played with I mean on the same team cause I sucked back in ’09) now coaching.  One of those rare times when you really feel old.


Everyone Snapchats or Instagrams or Tweets a picture of their Thanksgiving dinner so there’s mine.  Nothing special.


Also just an FYI, I recently learned that for some odd reason my father has an addiction to cranberry sauce.  We had three different types at the table and all he could talk about throughout dinner was his homemade cranberry sauce.  When it came to the canned cranberry sauce it had to be cut in slices and placed on a silver platter.  It was strange.


Obviously everyone needs their after dinner naps.  NBC even understands that by putting a Raiders-Cowboys game on at four.  Perfect nap material.  Picture above is my 1-year-old cousin reinventing the Thanksgiving nap game.  Kid can barely walk and he’s straight passing out on the couch after dinner.  Like the “I’ve had way too much whiskey” kind of pass out.


And then the Christmas decorations come out.


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