College Basketball Tournament in…Atlantis?

I’m always intrigued by these early season college basketball tournaments.  I am not necessarily intrigued with the games or the teams involved, but the venues.  The most interesting venue this year has to be the setup they have going on in the Bahamas.

They are putting up a basketball court in this enormous ballroom at Atlantis for a couple games.  Reckless move, but definitely interesting.



Will become this:


Kansas, Iowa, USC, and a few other teams will play a series of games over the next few days including Thanksgiving day on this court.  I like the idea a lot.  I’ve been to Atlantis and boy was it an experience.  I can’t imagine adding basketball to that.  I sure hope Andrew Wiggins will have some free time to throw some money away at the roulette wheel and court women at the night club.  A new event added to the bucket list: see a basketball game in Atlantis.


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