Not Your Ordinary Manning vs Brady


Last night was not vintage Brady and Manning.  Last night was not classic Brady and Manning.  More than just another chapter in the Brady-Manning saga, I’m awarding last night’s game the “Best Regular Season Football Game I’ve Ever Seen” award.  Call it shortsighted, but I really can’t recall a better regular season game than the one we saw last night.

You don’t need me to tell you that the first half of that game was atrocious.  Everyone in New England knew Steven Ridley wasn’t getting another carry after losing that fumble.  Marcus Cannon goes down and we are down to Svitek, our third string tackle whose name sounds more like a cheap vodka brand than a football player.  Von Miller was having a field day with Nate Solder.  Gillette Stadium falling apart with the clock game.  Before you knew it the half was over.  24-0 Denver.  Manning a non-factor.

And then the tides turned.  Honestly, I should be in the next Bud Light commercial.  I knew the mojo in the room was off so I convinced everyone to order Domino’s at the half.  Such a fat kid move, but it worked so whatever.

Brady tosses three touchdowns and the defense forces Denver into a couple turnovers and all of a sudden we have a game on our hands.  The overtime scared the shit out of me.  Only The Dark Lord would give the ball to Manning and dare him to beat us.  Bill plays mind games and knows Manning hates the cold.  What’s worse than having that cold midnight wind blowing right in your face.

When everyone is starting to talk ties we see the ball bounce off the Bronco’s Tony Carter (way better storyline to blame Welker for that play though) and just like that the game is over.


Takeaways From “The Best Regular Season Football Game I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. Sportscenter threw out this stat today: In freezing temperatures Brady is 23-5 while Manning is 1-6.  Something like that.  Well, last time I checked it gets pretty cold around playoff time in January.  The Superbowl being outdoors in New Jersey was literally tailored to Brady.
  2. Patriots lost to Cincinnati earlier this year because of that fluke rainstorm that bombarded Paul Brown Stadium in the final two minutes.  Last night the Patriots proved they could beat Mother Nature.
  3. Patriots lost to the Jets and Panthers because of questionable officiating.  There was a clear non-call on Thompkins in overtime that should have been pass interference.   A livid Brady demanded an explanation and once again was denied one.  Patriots were able to put it behind them and finish the game.  Last night the Patriots proved they could beat the refs.
  4. Last night’s comeback reminds me of a night this past summer.  On August 1st the Boston Red Sox were down 7-1 to Seattle with two innings left.  The Sox would score seven runs in the last two innings and win the game 8-7.  It was their 11th walk off victory of the season.  With a comeback already under their belts against the Saints (and what should have been a second against the Panthers) the Patriots are taking a page out of the Red Sox’ book.  Momentum can be a scary thing.  You can feel the momentum building and I don’t see anyone or anything not named Steven Ridley that can stop this Patriots team from going all the way.

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