Weekend Pick’ems

We are just going to reach into the grab bag and throw out a couple pick‘ems for this weekend’s sports scene.  Manning and Brady not pictured.

Boston Bruins over Carolina Hurricanes

Didn’t even know that the former Bruins back up goalie, Anton Khudobin, is now on the Hurricanes.  Figures he is hurt though.  The Bruins always have a tough time with Carolina for some reason.  Two years ago they went 0-4 against them and a couple years back the Hurricanes upset us in the playoffs.  What a weird series that was.  Last time we saw Tuukka Rask on the Garden ice he was trying to mash his stick into forty pieces.  Bruins should have won that Thursday night game against the Blues.  Wore my Ference t-shirt the next day just cause I think it needed to be done.  This is the B’s rebound and I can see them doing it big.  Not a huge fan of matinee hockey though.  Gives me a headache.

LSU over Texas A&M

Always bad news when you get Johnny Manziel talking about the draft.  Not a huge college football fan (mostly out of college choice bitterness), but I do like a good SEC match-up.

Boston Celtics over Atlanta Hawks

The Celtics, after losing five in a row or six or seven or whatever the streak is at now, finally down the Hawks.  Atlanta is stunned, realize they need a new point guard, and look across the court to see the guy wearing #9 for the Celtics.  Within hours a trade is done and Rondo doesn’t even take a flight out of Atlanta.  It’s a stretch, but don’t be surprised to see Rondo in a Hawks jersey someday.  If the Hawks want to contend with Miami they need guys that despise the Heat.

Harvard over Yale

Saw Harvard play earlier this year.  Strong team no doubt.  Fun fact of the article: Harvard won the National Championship in 1919.  Had four National Championships in the 1910’s.  They were like the Alabama of the Gatsby era.  Then Prohibition came along, the Great Depression, WW II, and Harvard’s resources went elsewhere.  It’s a shame really.

Chattanooga over Alabama

Nah, just kidding. Lol.

Giants over Cowboys

How frightening are these New York Football Giants?  Eerily reminding me of the 2007 and 2011 Giants and we all know how that turned out.   God I hope they do not make the playoffs.


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