The Final Six


Over this past summer I was driving in Revere and I saw a sign outside a run down used car dealership that read: “You can’t live life looking in the rearview mirror”.    So let’s apply that motto to this Patriots season and forget about the pass interference at Carolina last Monday and look forward to the last six games of the season.

Week 12: Broncos at Patriots

The storylines are obvious.  Peyton Manning versus Tom Brady for the fourteenth time.  My favorite Brady vs. Manning match up? The 2003 AFC Championship game where Manning threw four picks en route to a Colts loss.  Ty Law had three of the interceptions and the Patriots would go on to beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl.  My least favorite Brady vs. Manning match up?  Has to be the 2006 AFC Championship game at the disgusting RCA Dome.  Manning with a gross comeback and Reche Caldwell’s big ass bug eyes.

Now for the first chapter in the Brady vs. Manning: Broncos Edition.  Wes Welker is out with a concussion.  Belichick and Brady will have a great week of practice after getting screwed over in Carolina.  Brady has a point to prove and Brady understands he is getting outperformed by Manning this year.  The big question will be if the Patriots defense can keep Manning in check.  Seeing how Kyle Arrington plays football, I don’t think they can.  Broncos 38 – Patriots 20

Week 13: Patriots at Texans

This is quite obviously not the same Texans team that strolled into Foxboro twice last year.  This team from Houston is falling apart.  Absolutely tearing apart at the seams.  Andre Johnson, the face of the Texans franchise is storming off the field, and the quarterback carousel has started again.  My biggest fear in this game is not the Texans, but the turf at Reliant Stadium.  Wes Welker tore his ACL last time the Patriots were in Houston because of the turf.  Don’t want to see Gronk or Amendola do something stupid on that grass. Patriots 35- Houston 14 

Week 14: Browns at Patriots

 Will the Browns quarterback be Jason Campbell or Brandon Weeden?  I don’t know if it really matters.  I would love to see Brian Hoyer come out in a wheelchair and make a few plays.  Also, the Patriots get to welcome back place kicker Billy Cundiff.  Can’t imagine he is going to make a field goal on the Foxboro field.  Browns 14 – Patriots 31

Week 15: Patriots at Dolphins

No doubt this is the most terrifying game on the Patriot’s remaining schedule.  Never like to go to Miami in the middle of December.  Practicing in the cold for the entire week and then Tom Brady just looks terrible down in the Sunshine State.  On the flipside, since the Incognito-Martin fiasco the Dolphins season has crashed and is currently burning.  And I mean like full-blown incineration.  Do not see the season getting any better for the Dolphins.  The Patriots will escape.  Richie Incognito still an asshole.  Justin Martin still a child.  Patriots 31- Dolphins 13

Week 16: Patriots at Ravens

Speaking of Billy Cundiff.  I still have an awkward love-hate relationship for Ray Lewis.  Tom Brady is about to win the game on a quarterback sneak and then all of a sudden the referees call intentional grounding and the game is over.  Patriots 26 – Ravens 31 

Week 17: Bills at Patriots

Hopefully the tickets to this game will be cheap and I’ll be able to make it over the Foxboro.  Slight chance that I’ll go, but the Patriots will end the season on a high note and put the Bills down for yet another season.  The Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999.  Holy Shit.  Bills 16 – Patriots 42


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