From Opening Day to the Charles River

The following is essentially a photo log of my personal experience with the Red Sox this past season.  Man was it quite the journey.

Opening Day


The buzz around Fenway on Opening Day is almost unmatched.  No one really knew what to expect this year.  Were we going to see another 60 win team or was this the beginning of a new era of winning?  Regardless I took my lap around Fenway, got a sausage with all the fixings, and picked up a few free souvenirs.  Didn’t get tickets and couldn’t tell ya if the sox won the game or not.

Game #1:  April 21 vs Royals


The game was supposed to be played Friday April 19th, but it was rescheduled because there was a terrorist scum on the loose in the streets of Boston.  The patriotism, even two days after “This is our fucking city”, was still abundant at Fenway and just in case you were wondering yes we did bring an American flag to this game.  The Red Sox would lose, but the baseball games were the least important part of that weekend at Fenway.

Game #2 April 24 vs Athletics


A 4:05 game on a Wednesday?  The Red Sox thought they were going to sell a lot of tickets to a game at that time on a Wednesday.  You best believe these were the cheapest tickets I got all year.  Best story of this game comes from my experience in the line at the concession stands.  This game was still during the buy one hot dog get one free deal (still can’t even believe they needed incentives like that for people to come to games at the beginning of the year).  So here I am standing in line scheming how to sell my second hot dog to someone else.  This drunk 60 year old from Revere starts talking to me about how he and his friends used to sneak into Fenway in the old days to see Carlton Fisk.  Long story short I sold the guy my second hot dog for three dollars.  Sox won I believe?

Game #3: May 23 vs Indians


The one game on the Red Sox schedule that I circled as a can’t miss game.  Only game that I bought tickets for well in advance.  Had to see Terry Francona come back to Fenway at all costs.  After the “Welcome Back Francona” excitement wore off I went down into the concourse area and spent most of the game watching Bruins-Rangers Game 4 on one of the TVs down there.  Sox lost, Bruins lost.



I had quite a hiatus from Fenway Park in the summer and instead spent most of my baseball time at the ballpark in the town next to me where the North Shore Navigators (Futures Collegiate Baseball League) play.  Worked concessions for the season and poured the finest 16oz cup of Bud Light in the league.

Game #4: August 17 vs Yankees


Hadn’t been to a Yankees-Sox game in years and I figured there would be some fireworks with all the hype surrounding Alex Rodriguez at the time.  Unfortunately the fireworks would be delayed till the night after and we would not get our caged death match between A-Roid and John Lackey.  Sox would win.


Just a quick side note.  It was during this weekend that I attended a conference at BU on baseball scouting and statistics.  Most of the conference was just baseball stat geeks and washed up little leaguers spitting numbers at me that I had little to no interest in, but when John Farrell spoke it was a whole different story.  The guy was such a presence.  The confidence he brought to that talk was unbelievable.  After hearing him speak I knew the Sox were in good hands for this year and for years to come.

Game #5: August 28 vs Orioles


To make up for the lack of Sox games during the summer we decided to round up a group to go to one last game before we closed the book on summer.  Oh, boy.  In order to maintain a PG-13 blog we’ll keep it to details on the game.  Mike Carp pinch hit single in the 8th to win the game.

Game #6 vs Yankees September 15


Mariano Rivera’s last game at Fenway Park.  Missed the pre-game ceremony because the BU shuttle bus system is horrid.  Unfortunately, didn’t see him pitch and now I’ll probably die never having seen the best closer of my generation ever throw a pitch.  This game was the first time I’d ever scalped tickets.  If you’re ever looking for a cheap thrill, go scalp tickets to a game.  Sox would win.  Yankees buried.

Game #7: October 4 vs Rays (Game 1 of ALDS)


Playoff time at Fenway.  Copped a good pair of tickets off StubHub the night before the game.  My father and I had only been to one playoff game prior to this game.  Probably one of my favorite games of the past 5 years.  Just a great father-son experience.  They would honor the marathon victims and first responders before the game.  They played the Hallelujah video montage recounting the week of the bombings.  Almost brought tears to my eyes.  Rays right-fielder Will Myers would miss play a ball in the 2nd and that would be the end of the Rays for the day.  Sox would win Game 1 12-2 and go on to win the series.

Game #8: October 23 vs Cardinals (Game 1 of the World Series)


Truly never thought I would ever make it to a World Series game. Can cross that off my bucket list now.  Got in through a community service project and it was just a surreal experience.  The Sox would win the game 8-1 and the World Series only a handful of days later win the series.

2013 World Series Champs
















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